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Rails-to-Trails Holds TrailNation Summit

John R Nofsinger

John R. Nofsinger, professor of finance at the University of Alaska Anchorage, has authored several books including The Psychology of Investing, which embodies much of his work on behavioral finance. In addition, he has written a book of fiction for young adults entitled I Heal?, the story of a young woman who must sacrifice herself in order to heal others. An avid runner, John R. Nofsinger also enjoys cycling on Northern Idaho trails that have been converted from former railroad lines.

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) is a nonprofit that has worked since 1986 to support the conversion of thousands of miles of old rail lines into trails for cyclists and hikers. RTC convened its first TrailNation Summit in June, bringing together a host of expert leaders to address the challenges and possibilities of transforming unused rail systems into a vibrant network of trails. The Milwaukee County War Memorial Center was chosen as the venue for the summit, due in large part to its location on the Oak Leaf Trail, the hub of Milwaukee’s 120-mile trail network.
Speakers at the collaborative included Kate Kraft of America Walks and board chair of RTC, Meg Daly, president of Friends of the Underline, and Yves Zsutty, trail network program manager of the City of San Jose, California.

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